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Vegetable Frittata Omelet

Yield: 1 serving


6 oz cholesterol free eggs (3/4 cup = 12 TB)

½ oz onions, diced 1/4″

½ oz green peppers, diced 1/4″

½ oz red peppers, diced 1/4″

1 ½ oz mushrooms, sliced

½ oz plum tomato, diced 1/4″

½ tsp parsley, chopped


1. In an 8″ sauté pan, spray pan with non-stick cooking spray, heat to medium

2. Add onions, peppers, and mushrooms and sauté 1 to 2 minutes

3. Add tomatoes and parsley, sauté 1 more minute (if cooking ahead of time, reheat before adding to eggs)

4. In a separate 8″ sauté pan, spray pan with non-stick cooking spray, heat to medium, add 6 oz ladle egg. Heat slowly, lifting edge of omelet with a high-temperature rubber spatula. Tilt pan to allow liquid egg to contact pan

5. When eggs are cooked halfway, evenly distribute about 3 1/2 oz cooked vegetable mixture over top of eggs

6. Finish cooking until eggs are set, approximately 1 to 2 more minutes. Serve immediately

Spinach and Mushroom Calzone

Yield: 1 serving


For Ricotta mixture

2 oz Ricotta

1 oz Mozzarella

½ oz Parmesan

1 tsp Parsley

Salt to taste

For Roasted Garlic

1 oz Garlic

Olive oil as needed

Salt and black pepper to taste

For Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms

Margarine as needed

1 tbsp Onion, diced

3 oz Spinach

1 oz Mushrooms

Per Calzone

1 ea 7″ presheeted pizza dough, exterior brushed with egg wash

4 oz Ricotta mixture

4 oz Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms

1 tsp Roasted Garlic, chopped

1 oz Mozzarella, shredded

2 oz heated Marinara Sauce


For Ricotta mixture

Combine ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, parsley and salt, mix well

For Roasted Garlic

1. Combine garlic, oil, salt and pepper

2. Double wrap the garlic mixture in foil

3. Roast at 450’F for 45 minutes

For Sauteed Spinach and Mushrooms

1. Heat margarine in large skillet, sauté onions until translucent, add mushrooms, sauté until softened

2. Steam spinach for 1 minute while onions and mushrooms are cooking

3. Toss spinach with onions and mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper

Per Calzone

1. Spray the dough with pan spray and place in a warm place or proof box, let rise until double in size

2. Dock dough, lightly stretch to an 8″ diameter

2. At bottom half of dough, but leaving an edge to seal, place 4 oz ricotta mixture, 4 oz sauteed spinach and mushrooms, 1 tsp roasted garlic and 1 oz mozzarella

3. Lightly brush top half of dough with egg wash

4. Fold dough over fillings to form a half moon. Twist edges to seal

5. Place on paper lined sheet pan and lightly brush exterior of dough with egg wash

6. Bake in a convection oven at 375’F with a low fan for 12 -15 minutes, until lightly browned

7. Serve immediately with 2 oz heated Marinara Sauce

Philly Mushroom Cheese Steak Wrap

Yield: 1 serving


4 oz beef steak meat

1 oz ea sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms

2 shake salt and pepper mix (1/4 tsp)

2 slices provolone, .5 oz slices

1 12″ tomato tortilla


  1. Heat margarine in skillet, sauté onions, peppers and mushrooms until softened, approximately 5 minutes
  2. or above for high peak service times
  3. Place steak meat on medium hot grill
  4. Place sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms over steak
  5. Season with 2 shakes salt and pepper mixture
  6. Chop steak and vegetable mixture with grill spatula and cook, temperature of 165’F (for 15 seconds)
  7. Place 2 slices of provolone cheese over steak mixture and melt
  8. Slide spatula under steak and place on lower third of tortilla
  9. Roll burrito style, slice in half diagonally and serve immediately

Mushroom and Chevre Provencal Pizza

Yield: 1 7” Pizza


For Roasted Mushroom Medley

1 ½ oz Assorted mushrooms, button, portabella and shiitake

Pan coating as needed

Black pepper to taste

For Pizza

1 ea 7″ pre-sheeted pizza dough

2 tbsp Pizza sauce

1/2 oz Mozzarella, shredded

1 1/2 oz Roasted Mushroom medley

3/4 oz Caramelized Onions

1 oz Goat cheese, crumbled

1 tsp Rosemary, fresh

1/4 tsp Black pepper


For Roasted Mushroom Medley

1. Place mushrooms in single layer on sheet pan

2. Spray lightly with pan spray and season with pepper

3. Roast at 450’F for 4 to 6 minutes until lightly golden

5. Once cooled, dice portabellas into 1/2″ pieces, and slice shiitake and button mushrooms

For Pizza

1. Spray dough with pan spray, cover, place in warm place or proof box, let rise until double in size

2. Dust work surface and rim of pizza with cornmeal. Stretch dough to 8 inch diameter

3. Place on coated pizza screen, spread dough with 2 tbsp pizza sauce

4. Evenly distribute 1/2 oz mozzarella, 1 1/2 oz roasted mushroom medley, 3/4 oz caramelized onions, 1 oz goat cheese, 1 tsp rosemary, and 1/4 tsp black pepper

5. Bake at 490’F for 5 minutes until crust is light golden

Portabella Rustico Sandwich

Yield: 1 serving


1 each Rich’s multi-grain roll

1/2 oz baby spinach

3 oz grilled portabella mushroom, sliced

2 slices fresh mozzarella, sliced .5 oz

3 slices plum tomato

1 tsp basil, fresh, chiffonade

1 tsp fat free vinaigrette, convenience

pinch freshly cracked black pepper


For grilled mushrooms:

1. Place mushrooms in single layer on sheet pan

2. Spray lightly with pan spray and season with pepper

3. Roast or Grill at 450’F for 4 to 6 minutes until lightly golden

To assemble:

1. Place 1/2 oz baby spinach on heel of roll

2. Top with 3 oz sliced portabella mushroom (about 1 large cap), 2 slices (1 oz) fresh mozzarella cheese, 3 slices plum tomatoes and 1 tsp fresh basil chiffonade

3. Drizzle sandwich with 1 tsp fat free balsamic vinaigrette and a pinch of freshly cracked black pepper and serve