Spaghetti Squash with Mushroom Alfredo Sauce

Recipe Courtesy of the Mushroom Council and Eat Well with Janel


Yield: 4 servings


1 whole spaghetti squash
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 14-oz package sliced white mushrooms
1 medium white onion, diced
1 1/2c light coconut milk (canned)
2 Tbsp nutritional yeast
2 tsp cornstarch plus 2 tsp water made into a slurry
3-4 sprigs fresh thyme
Salt and pepper to taste


Begin by cooking the spaghetti squash. The easiest way to cook spaghetti squash is in the microwave. Split lengthwise and scoop out seeds. Place cut sides down in a glass dish (like a pie plate) with about 1/4 cup water. Cook 12 minutes on high, one half at a time. Let halves cool for about 10 minutes before using a fork to separate and scrape out the strands.

Saute mushrooms and diced onion in olive oil for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently, on medium heat until the onions begin to brown. Then, pour in coconut milk. Bring to a simmer and add the nutritional yeast.

Prepare a slurry with the cornstarch and water in a separate bowl. Once well combined, slowly add it to the coconut milk mixture, stirring constantly. You will see the sauce start to thicken. Meanwhile, remove the tiny thyme leaves from their stems by pulling the stems through your fingers from top to bottom, against the direction of the stems. Add thyme to the coconut milk mixture.

Plate the spaghetti squash and top it with the alfredo sauce. Season to taste with salt and pepper.


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