The weather may be cold, but a new year means a fresh start with endless possibilities. Give your culinary adventures a clean slate and start your year off right with new recipes that are packed with vegetables, high-quality ingredients and of course, mushrooms. Whether you are looking for a post-workout meal or a light lunch to pack for work, the combination of hearty greens and the versatility of mushrooms will help you kick the year off right. With mushrooms on your side, your new year is sure to be a boundless beginning.

  • Add mushrooms to your favorite healthy dishes to add texture and a pop of flavor
  • Blend mushrooms with beef to add nutrients and amplify the savor
  • Infuse mushrooms into bite-size portions to create a taste explosion with just one bite

Sautéed Mushroom Asparagus Puffs
These sautéed mushroom and asparagus puffs might just be your new favorite appetizer. They work for the simplest or the swankiest meal you could be serving.

Mushroom and Beef Tacos with Salsa and Cotija Cheese
These tacos are perfect for feeding a family of 5 (with leftovers). Increase your portion sizes by just adding meaty mushrooms.

Asian Lettuce Wraps
Lighten up lettuce wraps by blending half the beef with meaty tasting mushrooms.

Mushroom Avocado Toast
An open faced sandwich, lightly toasted, topped with avocado and piled high with caramelized mushrooms, then finished with aged cheese.

Mushroom Walnut Pesto Tart
A luxurious tart recipe made with a homemade walnut and mushroom pesto and topped with caramelized onions and mushrooms, all on a flaky pastry.

Mushroom Veggie ‘Meatballs’ and Zucchini Pasta
Your whole family will gobble up these meatballs with the fresh, raw zucchini or try them as a meatball sub on a hoagie roll.

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