Boost Sales with Mushroom Promotions

Promoting mushrooms can not only help retailers see a lift in sales in the short-term, but also increase consumer awareness in the category to foster long-term sales. Educating consumers by highlighting mushrooms' many nutritional benefits in retail marketing materials is one way retailers can promote mushrooms, in addition to calling out popular initiatives such as mushrooms going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Read on for more information including mushroom messages retailers can use; insight into what consumers are looking for at the grocery store; as well as the benefits of promoting the pink initiative.

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Promotional Ideas for Mushroom Month and Beyond

Research shows that nearly 43% of grocery purchases are sold on promotion, and that a shopping basket containing mushrooms is more than double the value of a basket without mushrooms. Make good use of this insight and use National Mushroom Month in September to showcase mushrooms' positive attributes to consumers in upcoming marketing materials. Read more >>

Go Pink, See Green

With breast cancer on the rise, research shows that 68% of people want to see cause-related marketing that benefits health-related issues. Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month with pink mushroom tills can help retailers increase sales and strengthen customer relations, by highlighting an issue important to many consumers.Read more >>
Catering to Consumers with Mushrooms

Spending on health and wellness products has escalated over the past five years, with a higher proportion spent on items in the fresh category. Because mushrooms are a valuable item at retail for their impressive sales and increasing popularity among consumers, retailers should be positioning them as the superfood of the produce department. Read more >>

Retail Sales Update
By Tom DeMott, EVP/COO and Managing Partner, Encore Associates

Strong mushroom sales at retail have proven that these fungi’s nutritional qualities have helped maintain their position during the economic downturn. A combination of new consumers and increased demand by existing consumers has been driving a slow economic recovery for the mushroom industry over the past two years.