Promote Mushrooms to Help Drive Healthy Sales

Strong performance in 2010, to the tune of more than 810 million dollars in annual sales and 200 million pounds sold, marks the third year of rising fresh mushroom sales at retail following a 1.3 percent sales increase in pounds in 2008 and a 7.7 percent increase in pounds sold in 2009. These impressive year-over-year sales results demonstrate that consumer demand for fresh mushrooms is growing and, considering fresh mushrooms' healthy benefits, retailers are faced with a unique opportunity to promote nature's hidden treasure. Read on to discover how you can help drive mushroom sales in the coming months and throughout 2011.

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Mushroom Sales Continue to Outperform Produce

Once again, fresh mushrooms are experiencing strong consumer demand at retail, growing in both dollars and volume. Over the past year, the produce category as a whole experienced a 3.3 percent increase in dollar sales and a 1.6 percent increase in volume sold, while mushrooms grew at a larger pace, registering a 3.6 percent increase in dollar sales and a 3.0 percent increase in volume sold. Read more >>

Health & Wellness for Retail Dollars

The scientific community, consumers and the media share a growing interest in the healthy benefits attributed to mushrooms - particularly vitamin D. Retailers have the opportunity to use this trend to help increase produce sales by promoting fresh mushrooms and their healthful benefits year round. Read more >>
Mushrooms as the Retail Hero

It's no secret that food prices are on the rise. Yet while dollars spent at restaurants increased during the past several months, Americans still prepare 72 percent of their meals at home, according to market research firm, NPD Group Inc. Fresh mushrooms can help meet the needs of your customers and the produce department by making home meals stretch. Read more >>

Recipe Contest Retail Promotion with Taste of Home

Summer is approaching, and retailers can take advantage of grilling season by promoting fresh mushrooms as a hearty and satisfying vegetarian option. Give your customers another reason to buy fresh mushrooms by promoting the annual "Every Day, Every Way" mushroom recipe contest with Taste of Home magazine. Read more >>