Mushrooms Make for Healthy Retail Sales

It’s summertime, which means consumers will be firing up their grills for holiday and weekend cookouts. Attract customers to the produce aisle by positioning mushrooms as a lean summer cookout alternative that’s great for customers of all types — from the health-conscious to someone looking for a hearty, meaty meal. This newsletter offers proper cold chain management techniques that not only increase sales but also support retailer promotions such as going pink for breast cancer awareness month this fall. Read on to learn more about how these initiatives can help you drive fresh mushroom sales in the coming months.

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As Grills Fire Up, Promote Fresh Mushrooms to Entice Healthy Shoppers

Attract healthy shoppers this grilling season with focused in-store promotions that emphasize the benefits of mushrooms as a nutritious complement to summer meals or a weight-friendly meat alternative. This marketing approach promises to be a winner. Read more >>

Increase Consumer Demand with Quality Product

It’s no secret that the key to retail sales begins with having quality product in-stock that can pass the toughest consumer examination. But do you regularly think about the perception your produce aisle sets for the store? Read more >>
Take Two: ‘Go Pink’ Promotion Promises to Boost Sales

This October the mushroom industry will go pink for the second year in a row with City of Hope - a top-ranking cancer hospital - to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. The 2009 pink promotion was a big success, generating the largest movement of fresh mushrooms for any time period, with a 6.7% rise in dollar volume and a 12.3% climb in pound volume. Read more >>

Americans Lack Vital Vitamin D, but Mushrooms Can Help
By Michael Holick, Ph.D., M.D.

It’s a startling statistic: More than 200 million Americans lack vitamin D, a nutrient essential for maintaining health. I’ve developed a simple plan for rebuilding and maintaining an optimal level of vitamin D, which combines a sensible amount of sun exposure, supplements and foods containing vitamin D.